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Yama Ramin Media Production and Technology Inc (YRMPT) is a lead Media Production, Telecom and IT corporation in Afghanistan with Two decades experience completing over 5,800 projects within scope, budget and timeline. Our client base includes Government of Afghanistan, United Nations, AWCC, Goethe-Institute, MTN, Roshan, International Organizations, Private Enterprises and Local Institutions.

YRMPT is a major partner to multinational telecom companies such as Etisalat, MTN, Roshan and Afghan Wireless to whom we have provided various mobile solutions and contents under ATRA NOC # 9212. YRMPT has extended focus on development of latest products and showing immense concentration in quality and customer satisfaction, because of our stable and paramount knowledge in the telecom industry. Our clientele in the telecom industry in Afghanistan shows our expertise in the telecom industry.

What we Do

YRMPT has produced thousands of strikingly unique and inspiring films, documentaries, commercials, animations and 3D/2D contents.

We open new revenue streams by exploring new ways to increase mobile efficiency, technology, and productivity.

Our vast networks connect you to the real world. Centralized stored data and Information with technology to provide remote resource access.

How We Work

For past Two decades we’ve been working with all our hearts and zest to be among the top media production, telecom and IT corporation. We believe every dream counts and thus we’re here to help you shape it structurally and build it. We work with utter honesty – being honest to our audience and clients is the key, and so is to follow your ethics. Our work environment is the ideal one retaining the position. We also take proper care of our social responsibilities; being on internet we are aware and conscious of what we produce and how will it be perceived. we know all sorts of relations are to be kept intact and so we keep healthy, respectful and positive relations with everyone.

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