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we make sure to provide solutions that are simpler, easier, and cost effective, addressing various market segment.

Loyalty Point System

It is our firm belief that Revenues is an outcome of hard work and dedication to serve our customer base which can be broadly summarized by the USAGE & RETENTION the product has, when introduced in the Market. For us Usage of Product/s is probably the single most important factor which determines the success of the Brand in the long run and is a guiding principal for all innovations of the organization.

At YRMP, the LOYALTY Point system so designed is to WOW! The consumers and of course a lot goes into understanding our Consumers by including predictive analytics in our Loyalty Point system which calculates the below mentioned KPI’s on a real time basis (24 Hours Window)

  1. Customer Life Time Value (CLV)
  2. Net Promoter Score
  3. Churn Rate
  4. Customer Effort Score

Our System is designed to enable and instill enthusiasm in customer’s to consume and  work with you again and again, and it’s the result of a positive customer experience, customer satisfaction by helping you understand you Consumer better and offer them the BEST you have.

It might sound obvious — of course, you want to provide great customer service so customers will continue subscribing or purchasing. But customer loyalty is paramount to your success — because loyal customers can grow business faster than sales and marketing.

SMSC & MMSC Gateway

YRMPT’s SMSC & MMSC gateway solution is designed keeping in view the objective of high availability and scalability requirements along with the seamless Integration with network elements with local n+1 redundancy.

The SMSC solution supports both Prepaid and postpaid subscribers, P2P, P2A, and A2P type of messages i.e. MO and MT messages

SMSC supports 256 CPs/ESME over SMPP 3.4 protocol, NO http based application are supported and it supports SIGTRAN interface – M2UA, M3UA and SUA.

It has a GUI based configuration management console with Monitoring, alarm management and performance management interface. The SNMP traps generation for TDCA NOC Internal Alarm management module for SMSC.

The solution provided by YRMPT has 7-bit and 8-bit text/Unicode text (UCS2)/Binary data support with Picture messaging, ringtones & logos with System-wide retry scheme for P-P, P-A and A-P messages separately.

Call Center

YRMPT Specializes in providing CALL – Center Solution on the SAAS model. Also to help our clients meet their Objectives, we have an in-house highly scalable 50 seater CALL CENTER.

Salient Features of the CALL CENTER – SAAS

  • Complete Inbound / Outbound/Mixed mode solution (no other components required)
  • Supporting zero downtime with 10 to 100,000 scalability
  • Highly customizable Call Flows & well defined integration points to meet specific requirements.
  • Single Converged Network supporting Voice, Email, Messaging, Conferencing
  • Easy server side or client side integration with 3rd party Databases & Applications.
  • Configurable IVR menus & Voice files.
  • Automatic Call Distribution, Fixed/Floating seat support, Time based Routing.
  • Automatic Caller Identification (Need CLID support by the phone line provider)
  • Integration with 3rd party databases & workflow systems for call routing & distribution rules.
  • Instant Messaging & Presence Management.

Interactive Voice Response Platform (IVR)

YRMPT has been working with all the Major Telecom Operators like – MTN, ETISALAT, AWCC, and ROSHAN, helping them monetize content and enhance Revenues using customized IVR solutions.

We bring with us a rich experience of over 18 Years and being a lead Media Production, IT and Telecom Corporation in Afghanistan, we have completed over 5,800 projects across different lines of Businesses within scope, budget and timeline.

To fulfill this commitment, we has set up offshore development center and NoC at Kabul, Afghanistan to take on the job of implementation and technical support.

Voice Chat & Live Streaming Solutions

We have deployed Innovative products after careful study of the demographics of Afghanistan, these products have a very high market adaption and are being consumed by over 3 Million Subscribers. Whether we have a LIVE ALEM giving discourses and guiding the populace on ways of living or a well SPORTS celebrity chatting LIVE with the YOUTH of the nation, we have provided a PLATFORM for MASS EDUCATION with continuous improvisation on the medium of dispersion to provide a 360°outreach for higher engagements.

Dynamic Voice Messanging Service With Miss Call Alert (DVMS)

DVMS is an SMS and VOICE BASED solution which allows user to stay connected and receive information on their missed calls while their phone is not reachable in the operator’s network. The major features of the product are as follows.

  • Dynamic voice mail box creation
  1. Can be extended to all users without prior subscription
  2. Pre-paid users can avail voicemail services easily
  • Notify users on receipt of a voicemail
  1. User receives a Multimodal SMS alert for each message
  2. SMS identifies the sender number and the time of voicemail receipt
  • Easy and direct access to messages
  1. Using multimodal callback number, users can directly reach a specific message
  2. Eliminates the need to ‘surf’ the mailbox to retrieve important messages
  • User notified even if caller does not leave a voicemail
  1. User gets SMS alert with details on all “missed calls”
  2. Especially useful when user has not configured a voice mail box, or if mailbox is full
  3. Handles ‘busy’ and ‘not reachable’ conditions
  • YRMPT’s  Missed Call Application notifies subscribers of the calls missed when:
  1. Subscriber is unreachable
  2. Subscriber’s mobile phone is switched off
  • Multiple models of deployment
  1. SMS Alert sent to subscriber indicates only the # of missed calls. User can reply to SMS Alert and obtain the missed call details or SMS is sent to the subscriber with the information for all the missed calls.
  • Reverse Missed Call Notification
  1. System sends an SMS to the caller when the subscriber returns to the network.
  • Smart Alert Handler
  1. Collates missed call details for a reasonable period to reduce the number of alerts

Web Portal & Service Delivery Platform

Complete Management of the proposed Solution: YRMP/T has a vast experience in working, setting up, and running VAS technology platforms and application, hence we propose complete responsibility and ownership for entire VAS operations for the proposed Solution, where end to end solutions would be provided by YRMPT.


YRMPT proposes using its own Service Delivery Platform to integrate the Gaming / Product providers (ISV- Independent Service vendors) for Content presentation, Billing and Operation/ management. We are continues innovating to be  future growth ready  by adding more application on same Platform: The solution approach enable’s Telecom CSP’s to launch new products and services gradually based on the market demand and helps our Client to reduce the Time to Market.


YRMPT’s team profound understanding of the Telecom Value Added Service gained by years of experience. Our Innovation team is constantly working in the domain and developing state of the art applications/products based on the recent trends in technology. Our Team comprises of innovative minds who would assure success of this project because of below mentioned factors:

  • Intuitive and easy WAP Portal flows, mastered over a years of experience in understanding the user behavior across varies cultures and geographies, which ensures repeat usage and increased revenues.
  • Localized experience in helping operators, innovatively marketing the VAS services, to increase the uptake the services by its customers and in turn, derive maximum benefits from their investments.
  • Ability to adapt, manage, scale future roadmap of services 4G, MNP etc.
  • Tremendous experience of managing and hosting the services.
  • This Portal contains the content of all needs
  •  The intelligence identifies the user behavior and pushes the content accordingly.
  • Acts as mediation Server where hidden potential for Revenue is recognized for Game providers who burn their Games in collaboration with handset OEM’s

Mobile Monetization

We develop sound mobile Monetization strategies focused on gaining revenue for maximum return on investment. Let us find you new revenue streams with a mobile-first approach.
We develop sound mobile Monetization strategies focused on gaining revenue for maximum return on investment. Let us find you new revenue streams with a mobile-first approach.
Our team of experienced marketers make sure that revenue from your current services are optimized and you gain maximum exposure in the market and gain new subscribers. We provide services such as Outbound Calls (OBD), SMS promotions, USSD Promotion and Interactive OBD, USSD & SMS.

IN Systems

IN Systems are complex and intertwined. Streamlining your operations is essential to maximize your process and operating system efficiently. Using the latest technology, we will ensure your systems are up to date and operating at optimum level.


Our vast experience in Telecom gives us an edge of understanding the macro & micro aspects of the business. To make things simpler & effective for you, we provide real-time data analysis, with detailed report writing & business intelligence, which will provide real-time health of your business.
Our team of professional is 100% equipped to handle your MS (both active & passive) in any terrain. We are capable to provide you 24x7 back up and service. Our teams are available in the remotest of the areas of Afghanistan.



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